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Comprehensive PD

  • Two-year program (250 contact hours)
  • In-classroom coaching and mentoring (9-10 classroom visits per year)
  • Optional portfolio certification and low-cost graduate credit available.
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  • Two-year program (90 contact hours) with 8-9 classroom visits per year
  • Intended to support educators above and below the official eMINTS classrooms in school-wide eMINTS implementations. Those educators need support in implementing the model at their grade levels and/or subject-specific areas. Preparing students for entry into official eMINTS classrooms requires that teachers in the grades levels prior to (and following) the eMINTS classrooms have a full understanding of the cognitive, social and technological skills that students will need to be successful in eMINTS.
  • Optional portfolio certification and low-cost graduate credit available.
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  • Two-year train-the-trainer program
  • Prepares individuals to deliver eMINTS professional development to educators in their local settings
  • Includes a rigorous certification process with significant support from eMINTS staff
  • Intended for school- or district-level educational technology professional development specialists
  • Low-cost graduate credit available
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Custom PD

Choose from partial-day to week-long, hands-on workshops. Organizations can also work with eMINTS staff to develop customized PD sessions to meet their group’s needs. All professional development is delivered by eMINTS instructional specialists. Learn more ….

Other programs

eMINTS also provides professional development, support systems and collaboration with colleagues in other roles – either as part of a full implementation or as stand-alone programs. Ask about programs for administrators, technology coordinators, specialists and veteran eMINTS teachers – and how they can improve your district’s learning community.

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