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Many eMINTS teachers have adopted the instructional planning model called WebQuests. WebQuests use World Wide Web resources for inquiry-based instructional activities. eMINTS teachers have created the high-quality WebQuests offered here. All have been evaluated by eMINTS staff using a scoring guide.

Currently, WebQuests created by eMINTS teachers are available for primary and middle school students in the following subject areas: Communication Arts, Fine Arts, Health/Physical Education, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. WebQuests for high school students are available for Communication Arts and Social Studies. More WebQuests are added as they are evaluated by eMINTS staff.

If you move your WebQuest or know that other WebQuests listed here have been moved to a new server, please send the name of the WQ and its new URL to support@emints.org so we can repair broken links and maintain access to these resources.

WebQuests created by eMINTS teachers

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1-Who can submit WebQuests to be included in the eMINTS National Center database?
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2-Why did eMINTS change the WebQuest submission criteria?
[+ show] 3-When I look at the list of WebQuests linked from the eMINTS website how will I know which ones were accepted under the old criteria and which are new ones?
[+ show] 4-What about the WebQuest I submitted previously and am working on revising?
[+ show] 5-Why does it take so long to get the scoring guide back?
[+ show] 6-How will I know if my WebQuest is accepted?
[+ show] 7-What score is required for a WebQuest to be linked to from the eMINTS site?
[+ show] 8-What if I do not want to submit my WebQuest?
[+ show] 9-What if I leave my district? Will my WebQuest stay on the eMINTS site?
[+ show] 10-Does someone from eMINTS check that the links stay live and up-to-date?
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WebQuest resources

The WebQuest Portal from Bernie Dodge

Bernie Dodge’s WebQuest Dialog Ning

The WebQuest Place

WebQuest Academy, Warrensburg, MO