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What is eMINTS?

The eMINTS National Center is a non-profit organization that has provided comprehensive research-based professional development services to educators since 1999. It is a business unit within the University of Missouri partnered with the Missouri Departments of Elementary and Secondary Education and Higher Education. eMINTS began in Missouri – its name an acronym for the project enhancing Missouri’s Instructional Networked Teaching Strategies. Today eMINTS can be found in classrooms across the United States and in New South Wales, Australia.

eMINTS professional development uses interactive group sessions and in-classroom coaching/mentoring to help teachers integrate technology into their teaching using an instructional model that

  • supports high-quality lesson design
  • promotes inquiry-based learning
  • creates technology-rich learning environments
  • builds community among students and teachers

eMINTS professional development is available from eMINTS staff instructional specialists and through a “train-the-trainer” program called Professional Development for Educational Technology Specialists (PD4ETS).

eMINTS instructional model

What do teachers do?

  • Commit to extensive professional development and preparation time
  • Work in collaborative learning groups
  • Create and facilitate authentic learning experiences for their students, using online resources
  • Plan engaging teaching strategies and align them to curriculum so students meet district and state standards
  • Prepare and support students as they learn in cooperative groups

What do students do?

  • Direct their own learning with gentle guidance from the teacher
  • Become more responsible for completing work because they have a say in what they are working on
  • Use computers and the Internet to create a new learning environment
  • Become better learners as they devote more time to reading for information and scanning for answers, evaluating and comprehending more from a variety of information sources
  • Collaborate with peers and teachers to generate excitement about what is being learned and how it all fits together
  • Prepare themselves for the future – using 21st Century skills of problem-solving and technology literacy

How do I become part of eMINTS?

Individuals who hear about eMINTS frequently ask, “How do I become part of eMINTS?”